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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going to the Movies: Ramsu

Heading up the return of the "Going to the Movies" series is Ramsu, author of the blog 24 Frames Per Second. Ramsu's reflections focus on his undergraduate days at BITS and seeing films in the local single-screen...masterpieces like Jurrat—"Man, that was a bad movie"—featuring Kumar Gaurav in "the great sequoia of wooden performances." He also encapsulates his philosophy of entertainment in a short discussion of the works of "the god B movies and patron saint of disco, Mithun" with a bonus riff on interpreting the works of Mithun through the lens of Shakespeare. What Beth wouldn't give for time-travel to get to go to these movies with Ramsu....

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  1. Good one. I can imagine the Dabba, having seen many films in travelling theatres in a village I would spend my vacations from school.

    Ramsu has narrated it well, except maybe the pace could be a little slower and without as many the references to Hollywood actors and films to make a conenction metaphoric or otherwise.

    All in all, great listening to.

  2. I don't think I've laughed so much at someone else's theater going. I don't even want to speculate how high you have to be to deconstruct Mithun by Shakespeare. :D

  3. Anil>> Thanks! I know, I do speak a little fast -- it's a constant complaint from a lot of people, and this is, believe it or not, the slower version!

    Amrita>> I've never actually gotten high on any substance. I had my first drink over the decade after I passed out of BITS. No marginal utility, you see -- how much loonier can I get anyway :)


  4. I had to search out the Pilani theater after hearing this Ramsuji! It's a sacred moment when one understands that bad cinema is actually good! Enjoyed listening a lot, now I'm off to find Jurrat!
    All the best!